The missing development discourse

The small mind looks at America and all it sees is roads and buildings. So naturally, its definition of development is limited to that. Development of free minds will always elude the gatekeepers of a feudal society. Because it is not even an option for them.

Innovation is more than just building apps. It's a mindset that must necessarily encompass freedom of expression, freedom to question and differ, freedom to view things differently and to protest for the right to do so.

The one big problem with all of our new calls for innovation is that they don't take this into account. They think innovation is a function of hard work and not imagination. But the free mind is something that must necessarily exist in order for a society to be free. Without an environment in which free thought may exist without fear, no society can ever become developed in the true sense of the world.

And without such an atmosphere, individuals will always continue to think that tall buildings, wide roads, and grand speeches are proof of civilisation in a country where people can't feed themselves or live with dignity.

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