A festival of hate

Read the above thread to see video evidence about which I am writing below.

When you have a political party in power which can’t come to power unless the people it is supposed to be working for start murdering each other, you get a culture where murder is encouraged, celebrated, and defended. And because of that, all other essential needs are ignored.

I await therefore, with great anticipation, the widespread condemnation from the “proud Hindu” community that will never come. What WILL come is defences and justifications and excuses and “don’t make it political” and more. Apparently, this is what we want to teach the world as vishwaguru.

The tragedy of modern India is not only that something like the Haridwar event happens here. It is also that it is not seen as wrong, it is not punished, and the people who keep saying Hindutva is not Hinduism will stand by and let it go unquestioned.

Their objections will be reserved for those who think that a gathering of saffron-clad Hindus brazenly calling for mass murder is wrong and worth vocal condemnation. In their opinion, when Hindus do it, it’s patriotism, and when others do it, it is anti-national crime. We have become an unfunny joke.

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