Sanghi uncles don't want the past they claim to love

Here’s proof that those who deafen us daily with their incessant baying about “return to the roots” variety of religio-cultural pride are actually lying. They have no intention of returning to that imaginary past. They want something else entirely.

Exhibit 1: They say ancient India never invaded anyone. Even if this is true, where is your desire to live up to that standard? What’s with all the “ghus ke maarenge” rhetoric? What’s with the excitement over weapons purchases. Is this how a “peaceful” civilisation behaves?

Exhibit 2: They say Hinduism has never converted people from other religions. If that is true, where is your commitment to that value? What’s with all the calls for converting people to Hinduism? What’s with the discomfort with people choosing to follow religions of their choice?

Exhibit 3: They say Hinduism is the most tolerant and accepting of spiritual paths. If that is true, what’s with your continuous wailing over how everyone is a threat and how other religions are bad? Don’t you believe that all religions are different paths to the same goal?

The list can go on. The point is that all the things sanghi uncles and their crackpot juniors try to sell as USPs of their religion and culture are actually made-up hype. None of it is actually visible in their conduct or indeed, their intentions for the future.

Even if all of these talking points are true, it is clear that that is not the past they wish to return to. Their “New India” is something completely different, something diametrically opposite of this imaginary utopia. It is a nightmare built by fools for the benefit of the corrupt.

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