Ghar wapsi? Try ghar safai

I don’t enjoy giving constructive feedback to Hindutva nutjobs, but here I am doing it. In my defence, I don’t think they can take this advice without taking a serious look at caste, and they are not going to do that.

Recently, BJP member Tajesvi Surya spoke about the need to convert Indian Muslims and Christians “back” to Hinduism. Here is why that would not work.

Ask Hindutva nutcases saying “Indian Muslims and Christians need to be converted back” to Hinduism what caste people will be if they “come back”. Those who left Hinduism because they were treated disrespectfully by it - will they become Brahmins when they come back? Ask them that.

After all, if you want to get back an employee who left your company for another one, the first thing you would do is ask why they left in the first place, right? You would also perhaps give them a raise, better perks, and a promotion. No? Seems like common sense.

The trouble with modern Hindutva “ghar wapsi” aspirations is that it exists in a vacuum. There is no thought behind it except “I need more members in my club”. People convert to religions because of reasons. And they have reasons for not wanting to come back too.

Before you invite people into your hotel, make sure the rooms are clean, the service is good, and prices are affordable. Brahmins wanting more Hindus to lord over isn’t going to cut it. They benefit from it, but why would anyone else want to willingly surrender to their hegemony?

The fact of the matter is that religion’s ability to affect well-being is limited in modern times. And when it comes to inept governance that fails to work for the general well-being of citizens regardless of religion, it is even less effective. Where’s the benefit? Seriously.

Your invitation to join your religion is going to be judged on the basis of your performance in the fields that you WERE given charge of. A company that sells bad oil shouldn’t expect the market to rise up in joy when it enters the cosmetics market. Such companies fail, as they should.

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