Where the focus of religion should be

Dear religious people, before you say atheists are hurting your feelings by criticising your religion, maybe consider the calibre of the people who represent your religion?

Why is it always thieves, robbers, rapists, and terrorists? One would think that will hurt your sentiments more. And yet it doesn't. Ask yourselves why.

If you want your religion to be taken seriously and respected, then please have it represented by honourable people. And please call out swindlers and criminals when you find them occupying powerful positions using your religion.

If you only condemn atheists and secular individuals for criticising your faith, then you are essentially condemning your religion to destruction.

More than one religion has managed to undergo reforms. Instead of being an unthinking follower of any thug who claims to represent your faith, be the reason your religion reforms into something better, kinder, and more useful to humankind at large.

This has been friendly advice from an atheist, offered in full earnest, with the intention of putting your attention where it needs to be.

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