Hijab hypocrisy of Hindu hegemony

Hindu nationalists claim they want to keep religion out of schools. That's horseshit. For them, a girl wearing Hijab and entering school is not cool, but government schools having prayers with Hindu shlokas is okay. Sarkari offices having photos of Hindu gods is okay. Politicians asking for votes using temples is okay.

If you think keeping Muslim girls out of school has anything to do with wanting to keep religion out of education, then I have an offer for you. Howrah bridge is on sale. Price only Rs. 90K. I'll do home delivery also.

Jokes apart, this is yet another example of a rabid Right wing hijacking a progressive concern. In this case, it is the separation of religion and state. Because those who support such obviously discriminatory "rules" don't want to be called bigots, they hide behind a seemingly secular intention.

Those who give a rat's ass about religion having too much of a role in government institutions don't need to search very hard. There is a huge Hindu footprint everywhere you look. You can't do effective secular activism without taking power structures into consideration.

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