A foundation of lies

On BJP folks saying that SRK spat after praying for Lata Mangeshkar. You don't have to explain to them that phoonk is not thook. They know. They just don't care.

Theirs is an edifice built on top of lies. Once your foundation has been laid with thermocol, you can't lay bricks on top of it. They have to continue building with thermocol.

They lie because to do anything else will negate all that they are. And what they are is a tower made of material so thin that the first rebellious wind will cause its collapse. The tower looks imposing and fearsome, but it's mostly an illusion. Like a clown trying to look like a wise man by putting on a fancy dress.

All it takes is one gust of wind, one honest election, one press conference, one protest. A culture built on top of lies is also a culture that kills itself with each lie it tells.

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