Agents of Patriarchy, junior division

If you're an 18-year old atheist who has decided to direct his energies towards "men's rights activism", don't kid yourself. You're just furthering patriarchy, that grand contribution of religion towards society. You can call it MRA, MRF, or Banwarilal kii Shaadi, but its essence remains the same - patriarchy.

Once upon a time, it manifested as "god says women should be controlled". These days, it manifests as the idea that men are under attack from feminists, and that women need to be controlled in order for normalcy (whatever the fuck that means in the MRA cinematic universe) to prevail. I can understand that at the age of 18, the temptation to think that you've figured life out completely is strong. But if you haven't examined your privileges carefully, the likelihood of you being a clueless windbag is abnormally high.

There are societal / systemic biases fuelled by culture and religion that women suffer because of. And then there are men who suffer because of things we all suffer because of. Or because the social systems that supported their privilege are beginning to collapse under the weight of feminist activism and progress. The two aren't the same. Never have been. Never will be.

We don't live in a world where large scale oppression of men happens at the hands of women. We live in the other one, the opposite one. Your fantasy world exists only in your imagination.

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