The point of atheism is an equal world

To every teen troll asking why I stand against Hindu oppression of Muslims if I'm an atheist, here's my answer. Beta aisa hai, hum Atheist majey lene ke liye nahii baney thhe. Most Atheists who're vocal about their atheism and their opposition to religious influence have one goal.

That goal is an equal world. A world where people live in harmony and are treated as human beings by each other. Your whining is not going to make me lose sight of that goal. If atheists are oppressed by religionists, I will write about it. If religionists are oppressed by other religionists, I will write about that too.

As far as opposing religion is concerned, irrationality is relatively low-hanging fruit. And it's never the goal either. It's a tool to keep people busy with lies so they don't see the power-grabs that the religious make all the time.

All the babagiri, all the sleight of hand, all the spiritual mumbo jumbo, it's all done with one goal - power. And to lose sight of that truth is to miss the forest for the trees. So forgive me if I don't get defensive when you send me badly written taunts and laughter emojis.

If your "Hindu atheism" is limited to making memes, ignoring your own privileges, and laughing at the victimisation of those less fortunate than you, you can take the rest of the day off. And when your break is over, reconsider your life's priorities. Maybe tumse naa ho payega.

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