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If you listen to modern day Hindutva folks, you might be forgiven for thinking that Hindus have nothing but progress and equality on their minds. That had it not been for the influence of "the West", we would be socially, economically, technologically supreme. But that's not it.

The reason Brahminism can't build a united and equal society is not because "Western" forces are not allowing it. It's because that's simply not its purpose. Might as well try baking a cake using a chair.

A system designed with the specific purpose of keeping society segregated and reserving privileges for a select few is not going to be the foundation of a more equal future. All this talk of "we are the ones who are really secular" and "we had democracy before the West" is just posturing and failed attempts at appropriation in hopes that educated folks fall for it and lend their support to a system that has made a science out of dehumanisation over centuries.

The goal of Hindutva, the dream of a Hindu nation has about as much to do with equality as a machine gun has to do with photosynthesis. It's theatre, plain and simple.

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