Ekalavya in a Hijab

Since we are in the middle of a conversation about education and who gets allowed into places of education and who doesn't, it may be valuable to take a look at India's culture of education.

And no, it's not the sweet sounding stories about sages and shishyas that savarna folks like to think defines India. It's about a naturally meritorious boy and his thumb. The idea of merit as this culture has always understood it is not natural merit. It's merit that's protected and allowed to specific people. The only way Arjuna gets to be the world's greatest archer is if Drona prevents Ekalavya from getting an education. Hence, even in India of 2022, colleges will push Ekalavyas away saying a Hijab disqualifies them.

But just as before, Ekalavya will shine despite the gatekeepers who can only win when no one is running against them.

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