The laziness of the phrase "anti-Hindu"

The phrase "anti-Hindu" is such a lazy way out of any useful debate about the role of religion in society that it boggles the mind.

You are presented with wide-spanning social consequences of religion, appropriation of your religion by political parties, millennia-old regressive practices that are twisting the very fabric of modern India and turning it into an unrecognisable mess of suspicion and hatred even as the economy and other systems that run our lives are allowed to rot. You are asked about social discrimination, subjugation of the marginalised and the deification of criminals and charlatans and the subversion of science and rationality, and all you have as a response is "LOL you are anti-Hindu"? Seriously?

This is all you came armed with? This one fucking lazy phrase that means absolutely nothing? Do better. If you don't then your nightmares about the end of your religion will come true. And YOU will be responsible for all of it. If your religion is indeed in danger, it is because of your intellectual and moral bankruptcy. Being a rattu tota who chants "anti-Hindu" all day will not help.

How to respond when someone calls you "anti-Hindu"

When someone accuses you of being "anti-Hindu", ask them back - "Why are YOU anti-Hindu?". Ask them why they don't want Hinduism criticised, why they want it to continue having problems, why they want Hindus to continue to suffer because of those problems. And just to complete the package, ask them who is paying them to be anti-Hindu.

Because when they tell you that your criticism of the ills of a religion is essentially an opposition to the religion itself, what they are really saying is that they don't want the religion to be problem-free. That they want those problems to remain and increase. Clearly such a person is anti-Hindu. And clearly they are trying to hide their anti-Hindu agenda by pretending that you are the one who is anti-Hindu. Call out their bullshit. And don't forget to ask who is paying them to be anti-Hindu.

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