Who's the real Hinduphobe?

So, how many Hindus have sent angry tweets complaining that the hate speech filled "Hindu Mahapanchayat" is an insult to Hinduism? None. That's what I thought. Their outrage only gets triggered when there is legit criticism of their religion's regressive practices, doesn't it?

It is time to consider an obvious question. Why is it that Hindus only message those who complain about their religion on the grounds that it is patriarchal and regressive? Why is it that when their religion is used by hate mongers to spread communal strife, they remain silent?

Such behaviour would be bizarre if one didn't know better. It's like hating those who point out that your house is on fire and being okay with those who are trying to burn it down.

You don't want your religion to be better than what it is. In fact, you want quite the opposite. The rest is pretense. All that talk of disliking "Hinduphobia" is just made up nonsense you like to flaunt so that people don't figure out the truth. And that truth is that it is you who wants your religion to continue to be used by criminals and pretenders. You're the problem.

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