Hindus are turning Hinduism into that which they want to save it from

The defining characteristic of contemporary Hinduism is that it is being shaped by Islam. Or rather, by the Hindutva dislike for Islam. Pretty soon, there will be nothing left to Hinduism except that which is being done to oppose Islam.

Hindus are going for blaring loudspeakers because Muslims do it. They're going for saffron scarves because Muslims use the Hijab. They're going for food restrictions because Muslims have them.

The intent is to differentiate oneself from a religion one considers his enemy, but the inadvertent consequence of all this is that if this goes on, Hinduism will end up being a shadow of Islam. Something that can only be defined using its contrasting features from Islam.

I personally find it hilarious that the Hindus most gung ho about "defending" their religion from a perceived enemy, are turning it into an exact copy of what they hate. Never mind the culture they never stop harping about. More than half of them will struggle to tell you actual details of their own religion's philosophy and history. But ask them to go for these low-hanging fruits and they're all up for it.

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