Hindus must start saying this is a Hindu problem

The communalism being effected by Hindus is not going to end unless Hindus who don't agree with it start considering it a Hindu problem. Terming it "human stupidity" or saying "the world is going crazy" will not do anything except make you feel you have done your part.

These are useless phrases that do nothing to hold anyone actually accountable. They just chalk things up to some nameless property of human nature.

The emergency now has direct and unmistakably visible links to Hinduism. They are chanting the name of Hindu gods and taking out hate rallies singing praises of the Hindu religion. There is nothing ambiguous about this. Therefore, Hindu condemnation of this also has to be unambiguous. Generic responses about how "we human beings" are doing "stupid" things are not going to solve anything at all.

And BTW, before anyone responds to this trying to correct me on the distinction between Hinduism and Hindutva, let me just say in advance that the effort you are putting into saying that can be put to better use condemning the things being done in the name of your own religion.

The fact that Hindus will speak in ambiguous riddles when condemning violence by Hindus but become very vocal when correcting those who condemn them, is a huge part of the problem. And trust me, this problem will not leave you out for long. Despite what you may think, the world is judging you.

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