Brahminical thought is not the default Indian way of life

The Brahminical claim to "wisdom" is that they made up stories and that they are experts on those stories and that everyone should value that story and that everyone's merit is to be decided according to the standards set in that story.

Did I mention Brahmins made themselves the main characters of the story? They are the wise men in the story, they are the ones born to greatness, and when some other characters rise to prominence in the story, they are the ones making it happen. They want the story to be the moral, cultural, and intellectual foundation of all of India.

And therefore, when someone points out that this story is not representative of all the diversity of India, they start calling them anti-India, and anti-Hindu. The truth is, the Brahminical claim to any kind of superiority is based on a host of imaginary standards.

No one actually needs to measure up to it. No one needs to prove their purity. No one needs to live their life in accordance to the standards set by Brahmins. No one needs to make Brahmins their conduit to god or religion or anything. There is no need for Brahminism to be seen as anything other than the lifestyle of a few people who live in an incredibly diverse country. The "cultural Right wing" of India has a mission. And that mission is to have everyone recognise Brahminical thought as the foundation of Indian culture. They can shove their mission.

The story of India is not a novel. It is a collection of stories that are connected to each other, but also exist in their own, very different, universes. There is no reason it all has to be compiled into one volume, edited by members of one group, and published in one language.

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