Basically bullying by bulldozer

The Islamophobia of Hindutva supporters is mostly targeted at the poor. Attacking a street side vendor is easy. It's bullying plain and simple. These same people work long years in Islamic countries for good money. They're only "warriors" when their opponent can't defend himself.

They only do what they do because the present sorry state of India allows them to get away with it. If our institutions had not been hollowed out by Hindutva termites and could actually deliver justice to all Indian citizens, these windbags would be nowhere to be seen. They'll be in their holes, shaking a fist at the world, and dying meaningless deaths in the fullness of time.

Thanks to the atmosphere of toxicity Hindutva has created, the odious have their podium. They have their day in the dark and they will vomit spectacularly in all directions simply because they can.

When the sun rises - and it will - we will see their bravado evaporate and their feeble ideology melt away as they crawl back into their holes to live their miserable lives and die their miserable deaths after growing old and cranky and hilariously embarrassing.

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