On those who hate their wives

I wish all the men saying anti-marital rape legislation would cause their wives to frame them had done some thinking before marrying women who are THIS angry with them. It takes a special kind of arrogance to say "don't make anti-rape laws because my wife will misuse them".

Because the logical extension of this will prevent any law from being made. "Don't make anti-murder laws because someone may frame me for murder" or "Don't criminalise theft because someone may accuse me of being a thief".

If you are really that worried you live with a woman who will literally commit perjury to throw you in jail, maybe reconsider your life a little. Maybe wonder why your life partner hates you that much.

Did you marry an actual crime lord? Or does her hatred for you have roots in your treatment of her? Can it be fixed? If not, can you break it off? Because YOU ending YOUR relationship seems like a better solution than NOBODY having legal recourse in case their husbands sexually assault them. Get your life in order and stop expecting the legal system to cater to your personal insecurities. Stop being babies.

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