Google, caste, and the need to free India from the Brahminical lens

In case you haven't heard, Google cancelled a talk on caste by Thenmozhi Soundararajan.

Brahmins of America won't let caste awareness spread among Americans. Because then they would have to contend with the fact that they and their ancestors were pretty much the White people of India. They need to continue to be clubbed with other people of colour. Because benefits.

It is bad enough that almost the entirety of the Western understanding of India comes from what they have observed American Brahmins do. India as "spiritual", India as "vegetarian", India as cow and temple - these are all Brahminical impressions. In addition, American Brahmins also become the gateway through which the West sees Indian politics and even non-Brahminical culture.

They sell the Indian image, take advantage of it and get the "cultured" pass, even as they fund and support divisive Hindutva politics back in India.

This entire enterprise will not survive caste awareness among Americans. So they fight to keep caste out of the discourse. The attempt to prevent American universities from recognising caste was one step in that direction. The deplatforming of Dalit speakers at American corporate platforms is another.

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