Worshipping the monster that is eating you

Any atheist will tell you that they see far too many unfalsifiable claims than they can handle. It's when someone claims something that can't be proven wrong. A claim has to come with certain possible failures in order to be taken seriously.

For example, if you claim you have a rabbit in your bag, the way to falsify it is to open your bag and check. This is how we know whether you are to be taken seriously or not. When someone makes a claim that literally cannot be proven false - for example, there is a force running the universe that cannot be measured, seen, or detected in any way at all, then there is no reason to take it seriously.

Something similar is happening these days when it comes to politicians and industrialists. Their "fans" believe they are infallible. But there is no criteria of falsifiability for this belief. You literally can't find a circumstance that might potentially convince their followers that they might be wrong.

They say Potato ji is amazing. You ask why. They say it is because some White guy praised him. Later, when you ask why some White guys are saying he is a fraud, they say it is because he is amazing and they are jealous. There is no way to falsify the amazingness of Potato ji. He is amazing no matter what. People praising him means he is amazing. People not praising him means he is amazing. People dying means he is amazing. People prospering means he is amazing. there is literally no circumstance where he is not amazing.

The truth of the matter of course is that Potato ji's veneer of amazingness is a manufactured lie that is being methodically propagated to make sure people cannot think of him and his greedy buddies as anything except amazing. Even the people manufactring and propagating the lie don't believe it.

The ones that do believe it are the gullible fools whose entire sense of purpose stems from their status as a "fan", or rather, a devotee. They have stopped seeing themselves as anything more than a supporter of Potato ji. They have been turned into instruments of their own destruction.

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