The war on educating, agitating, and organising

Ambedkar said "educate, agitate, organise". All three have been attacked. Education was attacked when Jamia and JNU were assaulted. Attempts are being made to make agitation look like a crime. As for organise, young people organising themselves is being discouraged through fear.

The intent is to devalue education so that people can never learn about the issues that matter - massive wealth gaps, systemic discrimination, and bigotry. So that people never even know what there is to get angry about. Many middle-class upper caste Indians do ask exactly that.

This is because the education they have received leaves them little more than trained workers who think the greatest compliment anyone can pay them is that they are "employable". They spend time on social media innocently wondering why people are so angry. They just can't relate.

The other intent is to prevent agitation. Partly because agitation is basically demands for accountability and assertion of rights. If people can be convinced to not say "I have rights", perhaps they will eventually forget that they do. Agitations keep civil society visible.

The middle class upper caste society, which has already been comfortably set in its lifestyle as a consumer of goods, misinformation, superstition, and religion-flavoured politics, spends time innocently asking why people can't just trust the powers that be to do what is right.

They do this because their own lifestyles aren't affected to any meaningful degree by the policies the government makes and also because they have been trained to not raise their voice against those more powerful than them. It's a cultural trait that majoritarian politics takes advantage of.

And lastly, the final intent is to prevent organisation. This is done by implying that organising is only something criminals and terrorists do. This is done so people think that if there is a thing that they need other people's help for, then that thing couldn't possibly be a good thing. Only bad people organise themselves. Good little subjects sit at home by themselves and accept whatever comes their way. To do anything else is a violation of the trust that the supreme leader places in them. These people console themselves with the belief that democracy, the nation, and equality are not dead. After all, the leader keeps using these words, right? What they don't realise is that a subtle knife has already cut the threads that join these words with their meanings. Only labels remain.

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