The way of the saffron scissors

Let's talk about the saffron scissors. It's a tool that is designed to cut the threads of context. The RW narrative is a woven with great care and it does not help when people start connecting threads on their own. So in addition to weaving their narrative thread, the bhaktroll mob also gets really agitated when they see threads connecting effects to their actual reasons.

For example, they want communal violence to be connected to a specific community. They have tied the thread at both ends and the narrative is getting complex with each passing day, aided by Godi media, WhatsApp fakery, and the occasional toxic celebrity. But then someone comes along, looks at the ground reality, and connects a thread to the actual reasons behind the violence. And the bhaktroll mob can't have it.

Lots of hard work has gone into the fabric of their narrative after all. So they bring out the saffron scissors and start cutting inconvenient these threads. Take the recent outrage over people criticising the central government for the Covid resurgence for example. The threads connecting the Centre's inaction, it's encouragement of crowds, its attempts to hide stats, is being cut. In its place, new threads are being tied. Threads like "healthcare is a state subject" and "why don't you ask CMs" and "where were you when...".

You don't need a full list. You know what I am talking about.

The saffron scissors are a useful tool. But the thing about scissors is that sooner or later, they lose their edge because of overuse. A government with as great a dependence on narratives as this one, will eventually start failing to maintain the illusion of competence. And when that tapestry of falsehoods withers away, the only things left will be the threads of reality.

Some will weep over the loss of their beautiful carpet of lies, some will lash out. Eventually, all will come to appreciate the value of the threads that connect cause with effect.

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