Life, death, and double standards

Those who were enthusiastically sharing pictures of an actor's suicide, putting his face in election posters, victimising his grieving girlfriend and using the full might of the media to use that death as a distraction from important issues are now talking about how reporting news of mass cremations is about the sanctity of life.

These bottom feeders have never had anything to do with purity or sanctity. They're happy to blame everyone except their boss in most cases. But when it is impossible to blame people other than their boss, they start chanting "let's not play the blame game".

If you're still falling for their propaganda, then it's all on you. Sheer blinding stupidity can only serve as an excuse for so long. To not see this narrative game now is to effectively deserve the doom that is coming.

You want to respect the dead? Do everything you can to remember them. And do everything you can to fight against those who want you to forget them. Their war is against memory itself. Remembering and keeping record is the real way to wage war against these parasites.

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