Global media doesn't care about Indian opinions

In keeping with its never-ending quest for a "image", the government of India is planning to launch an "International" channel to talk about world issues, presumably to counter the talk that world media is having about the Indian government.

Here is where the problem lies. A large part of our problem with international media coverage stems from the fact that we give a fuck what the world thinks of us. Sure, in sanghi quarters there is a bit of cognitive dissonance about it. World media headlines are flaunted with pride when they say something good about India and they are discredited as worthless or malicious when those headlines are critical of our ways and condition. Recent headlines from Western media have been extremely critical of our government's handling of the Covid crisis.

So the whataboutery gangs have been responding with some version of "so what if our people are dying in large numbers? Other countries are no better." This new "international" channel will very probably peddle the same stuff, attempting to mitigate the effects of international criticism by pointing out how badly other countries are doing.

The problem with it is this: Nobody cares what we think of them. If you think USA, Canada, and UK are going to make angry Press conferences in response to reports on DD International about their problems, perish the thought. This obsession with foreign media is a uniquely south Asian kink.

Don't believe me? Look at the comment section of any of the many "Reaction Channels" on YouTube. They're full of Indians shedding tears of joy at White people saying "Amazing!" after looking at slide shows of Indian tourist traps. The sour pill sanghis quarters will have to swallow is the realisation that the world is less obsessed with its image than we are.

We may think that chest-thumping fuelled by low self-esteem and getting hurt at the drop of a hat is a universal trait that we can exploit in service of our "image", but that's not how things work everywhere.

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