Collective responsibility is a shoddy excuse

Narendra Modi, who is the Prime Minister of India, has said that vaccinating everyone must be a "collective responsibility. But when the PM says vaccination must be a "collective responsibility", what does he mean exactly?

Are we to manufacture vaccines at home? Are we to vaccinate each other? Are we being given the power to determine healthcare budgets, vaccine allocation details, and the ability to use official institutions to make sure Covid-related resources reach those living in the remotest parts of India?

Clearly not.

When people who have the responsibility of helping everyone try to make their job "collective" it means an abdication of responsibility. It doesn't matter how many tears are shed when making the point, but the end result is the same.

A Prime Minister needs to more than give talks like a motivational speaker. The way the BJP is creating fake documents to frame the Congress, it would seem they want us to hold the Congress accountable.

If that's the case, just resign from your position and make it official. Because why would anyone hold an Opposition party accountable for things that are clearly the ruling party's job? Are we supposed to forget who allowed the Kumbh mela and literally invited the second wave over? Or who stood on stages and told people what a great big crowd they were? Are we supposed to forget which party tried to communalise relief work being undertaken by Muslim government employees? Are we supposed to forget which party has a lapdog media in its service doing everything in its power to distract people from the reality of a failing healthcare system?

Collective responsibility my ass! Your incompetence is on you and no number of one-sided Zoom calls will change that. And this trick whereby the Prime Minister leaves all the actual work to state governments, social media activists, and frontline workers and then turns up to take credit after the work is done is becoming less and less convincing with each passing day.

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