We Will All Die Laughing

Sambit Patra does what he does because if you are talking about him, you aren't talking about unemployment, lack of accountability, curbing of dissent, and other ACTUAL issues. By making fun of him, you are doing EXACTLY what he wants you to do. Just FYI.

There are 24 hours in a day. Of those, you spend less than half speaking, writing, and posting content on the internet. If they manage to make you obsess over inanities for 50% of your online time, do you know what that means? It means 50% less attention on issues that matter.

The stupidity you see online being spewed by low-grade celebrities is not an accident or even a measure of their true intelligence. They're not dumb. You're the one being taken for a ride. Theirs is a coordinated strategy to divert attention from matters of importance. Yours is simply a blind reaction to all their combined theatrics.

Be wiser. Understand that every time a Sambit Patra or a Kangana Ranaut says or does something silly, it is because somebody out there wants to wipe the migrant crisis, the unemployment issue, the economy from your memory. Make sure that for every meme you make / share about random RW asshattery, you post five news items, videos, and opinion pieces about all that needs to be remembered. Do not participate in the great forgetting. It will be your grave and the graves of us all.

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