No dear Hindu, you are NOT khatre mein

No. Your religion or culture or "way of life" (whatever that means) is not in danger.

You belong to an overwhelming majority group, the practices of your community are so mainstream they form the fabric of pop culture in the country, your gods and heroes are on TV, in cinema, and even on separate shelves in book shops.

In a large number of places in the country, you would literally have to drive for miles before meeting someone who did not dress, act, and talk exactly like you do.

You do not get accosted by law enforcement agencies for belonging to your religion or even for looking like you belong to your religion.

Your religion gives you so much privilege, that even when you declare yourself an atheist or "spiritual and not religious", you lose none of it. You have so much privilege that often, unknown to you, your surname opens gates for you.

No. "Kids these days" are not "forgetting your heritage". It is being drilled into them day in and day out by parents, teachers, official and unofficial texts, TV channels, and books.

If anything, it is happening a little too much, to the extent that you are raising a generation of small-minded xenophobes who think everything foreign is evil and worth rejecting.

And what's worse? Some of these children are even beginning to see foreigners among their friends on the playing field. My greatest fear is that they will grow up to be... well... you - blind to the power they have and constantly playing victim.

Perhaps the great heroes you never tire of singing about - the ones who heralded this culture you are “proud” to belong to - will be ashamed of how small-minded you are.

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