Atheism is not an "attack" on religion

By far the biggest myth that religious or "spiritual" folks have about themselves is that they are not imposing their views on anyone. It's so prevalent a view that one might find one of them jumping into a discussion among atheists claiming they are being attacked or judged.

This happens because the "normal" that they live in is so religion-normative that any questioning of it seems like an attack to them. In truth, the world we live in is so steeped in religion that one can't even suggest that religion isn't all that it is cracked up to be, even in its supposedly benign forms such as spirituality. And if your case is that religion should be kept out of politics, then (lack of) heaven help you.

To make a case for atheism or for rationalism while surrounded by those openly (or closeted) religious people is a whole struggle in itself.

This is why it is always amusing to one degree or another to be met with the argument that the religious should be left alone because "everyone believes in something" and because "atheism is a religion too" and because one "shouldn't hurt religious sentiments".

When an Atheist says there is no evidence for god or anything supernatural, what they are actually doing is responding to an unstated assertion that hangs in the air all the time. Religious people don't say it because they don't have to. This is a religious world.

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