We don't really have a population problem

We don't have a population problem. At least not in the way most people understand it. We have a resource allocation problem. In a world where more than 90% of the wealth is being held by 2% of the people, it is downright foolish to talk about population as a problem.

When someone says population is a problem to "solve", what they are basically saying is that the don't like the sight of poverty. They don't like to be seen as belonging to a country where people don't have homes, food, and work opportunities. And the solution that comes to their minds is that there is a need to reduce the number of mouths. It never occurs to them that there is enough food to feed all the mouths but it is all being hoarded by just a few people.

The resources that are available will probably be more than enough to meet the needs of the population. But distributing them equally will make it difficult for power-hungry parasites to feed on illiteracy, superstition, and misery to keep themselves in power and to keep their corporate friends satiated.

The conversation about population growth which is being had now needs to be redirected in more fruitful directions. This is not about a religion or a community having more children. It's about a handful of fat cats feeding off the plenty that should rightfully belong to everyone. No discussion about the "population problem" can afford to leave out the inordinate amount of consumption that massive corporations engage in.

If population is a problem, then those who have been given power need to solve it. It won't do to throw up one's hands and say "Oh there are just too many people!". You knew we were a populous country when you took office. Your job is to work for all people, not to blame one community for your unwillingness to do your job. If you want to "solve" this problem, you have only to stop paying hafta to your buddies.

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